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Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. 2014 PLANT PATHOLOGY & NEMATOLOGY Evaluation of Fusarium Wilt Resistance in Six Upland Cotton Germplasm Lines Hung K. Doan and R. Michael Davis* ABSTRACT is an increasingly important disease of cotton in the United States (U.S.). The disease was irst described Fusarium wilt of cotton, caused by the 3 Administration of the National System The U.S FIGURE 3-1 Illustration of the administrative structure and lines of authority in the Agricultural Research Service showing the position of the national program leader for germplasm within the National Program Staff. (Adapted from a chart prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Personnel Division, June 10

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Apr 03, 2020 · The germplasm lines IS nos 2, 37, 29, 606 and 1259 belonging to the race bicolor (B) had significantly longer panicles (42.561.7 cm) than the best check 27 B during 2002. Germplasm lines (of different races) IS nos 1211, 1214, 1348, 2034, 2948, 8574, 472, 3977 and 453 also had longer panicles (3740 cm) when compared with 27 B. Breeding Cotton for Adaptation to Arkansas Conditions Registration of three Arkot S23 germplasm lines of cotton. Crop Sci. 45:1409. Bourland, F. M. and D. C. Jones. 2006. Registration of Arkot 9202 and Arkot 9208 germplasm lines of cotton. Crop Sci. 46:1412. Bourland, F.M. and D.C. Jones. 2006. Registration of Arkot 9406ne, Arkot 9605ne, and Arkot 9631ne, three nectariless germplasm lines of cotton. Cotton germplasm improvement and progress in Pakistan Jan 08, 2021 · Cotton (Gossypium spp.) contributes significantly to the economy of cotton-producing countries. Pakistan is the fourth-largest producer of cotton after China, the USA and India. The average yield of cotton is about 570.99 kg.hm 2 in Pakistan. Climate change and different biotic stresses are causing reduction in cotton production. Transgenic approaches have unique advantage to tackle all

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Smith, C. Wayne. 2001. Registration of three morphological variant upland cotton germplasm lines. Crop Sci. 41:1371-1372. Smith, C. Wayne. 2001. Registration of nine germplasm lines of upland cotton with improved fiber strength. Crop Sci. 41:1370-1371. Smith, C. Wayne. 2001. Registration of TAM 88G-104 high yielding upland cotton germplasm. New Stress Tolerant Corn Germplasm for Higher Water New multiple stress tolerant corn lines and hybrids have been developed by introgressing genes from tropical corn into the germplasm adapted to Texas envionemnt. These lines have been selected for good drought and heat tolerance, aflatoxin resistance, and/or corn earworm resistance and can be used for feed, food or silage production. Pink Bollworm Resistance and Lint Yield of a Nectariless Cotton:A College of Agriculture Report Abstract A nectariless, okra -leaf germplasm line of cotton, Gossvpium hirsutum L., designated WC-12NL, was compared with a nectaried, regular leaf commercial cultivar, 'Deltapine 61' (DPL-61) at two locations, Maricopa, AZ and Brawley, CA.

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Upland cotton is essential for improvement of ber quality while simultaneously maintaining a lint yield that meets the needs of both the textile industry and cotton grow-ers. The cotton germplasm lines JC14 (Reg. No. GP-921, PI 658308), JC32 (Reg. No. GP-922, PI 658309), JC60 (Reg. No. Registration of Four Exotic Germplasm Lines This compilation is NOT meant to substitute official (iv) cotton includes ginned cotton, cotton linters and dropping, tripping, fly and other waste products of cotton mill other than yarn waste, but does not include cotton seed or un-ginned cotton; (v) form means a form appended to this Order plantquarantineindia.nicISSUANCE OF IMPORT PERMIT (a) Import of seeds / plant materials for sowing, planting and propagation:The Importer or his agent shall apply for permit for import seeds / plant materials for sowing, planting and propagation at least seven days in advance to the permit issuing authority ()of the designated port of entry as notified vide clause 3(13) of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into

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Mar 01, 1993 · Archived Publications. Applied Turfgrass Science (20042014) Crop Management (20022014) Forage & Grazinglands (20032014) Journal of Production Agriculture (19881999)