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May 10, 2012 · Recommended Citation. K. Bevans and M. Chott and B. Ensor and J. Fitzgerald and S. Martin and K. D. Peaslee and S. Pisarik and L. S. Walker and M. Wilson and L. Zhang, "Importance of Advanced High-Strength Steels and Electronic Units on the Recycling of Automobiles:A Review," Proceedings of the 2012 AISTech Conference (2012, Atlanta, GA), Association for Iron & Steel Technology AIST - 2016 AISTech Conference ProceedingsSurface Selective Oxidation, Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Coating-Related Properties of Advanced High-Strength and Ultrahigh-Strength Automotive Steel Grades. Advanced high to ultra-high strength steels represent an increasing percentage of the types of steels being used for the production of automotive body-in-white. The main drivers for this development are the need to achieve an increased

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Jun 03, 2019 · The properties of steel have significantly improved over the last century, from mild steel in the early 1900s to high strength low alloys (HSLA) in late 1970s and the introduction of the first generations of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) in the 1990s [1].. In the last two decades, the steel industry has developed different alloying and processing combinations to produce steel Advanced HighAdvanced High- ---Strength Steel Advanced HighAdvanced High- ---Strength Steel Technologies in the 2013 Strength Steel Technologies in the 2013 Ford Fusion Shawn Morgans Ford Motor Company. w w w . a u t o s t e e l . o r g Agenda BackgroundBackground Material UsageMaterial Usage Design ApproachDesign Approach Collaborative innovation center of steel technology Development of Thin Slab Continuous Casting and Rolling Technology in China [J]. Iron and Steel, 2014, 49 (7):49-60. Patents. 1. A technique for producing Ti micro-alloyed high-strength weather-resistant steel plate by applying thin slab continuous casting and rolling process, invention patent, patent number:ZL200510036889.X

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High Quality Hot Rolled Plate and Strip Theory and Material Development[M]. Metallurgical Industry Press, 2016. 2 Tang Di, Zhao Zhengzhi, Mi Zhenli, Liu Qiang. Advanced High Strength Strip Steel for Automobile[M]. Metallurgical Industry Press, 2016. 3 Sun Yiquan, Yin Yanjun. The Theory and Application of Metal Material Rheology [M]. Science Fact sheet Advanced steel applicationsAdvanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) are now used for nearly every new vehicle design. Steel makes up more than 50% of todays vehicles and using AHSS enables lighter, optimised vehicle designs that enhance safety and improve fuel economy.4 When taking a ISSUE 02 SEPTEMBER 2016 METALS 133 MAGAZINEThe demand for advanced, high-strength steel grades is continually growing, as are the requirements placed on product quality, mill pro-ductivity and plant availability. In order to remain competitive, new and existing steel plants must meet this challenge in the best-possible way. A wide range of solutions for hot-strip mills is offered to meet

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Advanced High Strength Steel. These types of steels offer the highest levels of strength and ductility utilizing micro alloying systems and differential microstructure as strengthening mechanisms. Advanced and Ultra High Strength Steel has a yield strength in excess of 80,000 Psi or 550 MPa and offered as:Dual Phase Grades; Martensitic Steels Steel E-Motive Steel Materials and Technologies Portfolio Jan 28, 2021 · Twenty-five years ago the UltraLight Steel Auto Body Consortium launched a global effort to demonstrate what was then the most advanced steels ever produced, High-Strength Steels (HSS). At the time, with just 11 HSS grades available, ULSAB reduced mass by 25% over benchmarks and featured cutting edge technology such as a tailor-welded body side outer that reduced part count Steel News - Association for Iron & Steel TechnologyAug 05, 2016 · 8/22/2016 - AK Steel Corp. is launching a new line of high-strength, lightweight steels intended to help automakers reduce the weight of their vehicles, the Ohio-based steelmaker announced on Monday. Called NEXMET, the new family of steels was designed with structural and exterior body applications in mind , AK Steel said in a statement.

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Jan 08, 2016 · 1/8/2016 - U.S.-based steel processor HyCAL Corp. is expanding its annealing capacity, installing what it says is a first-of-its-kind continuous annealing (CA) line that uses hydrogen rather than water for strip cooling to produce ultra- and advanced high-strength steels. Steel News - Association for Iron & Steel TechnologyJun 03, 2015 · 6/3/2015 - AK Steel announced plans to introduce one of the first commercially available Next-Generation Advanced High Strength Steels in the world. The new technology produces significantly improved formability at higher ultimate tensile strength levels, which provides automotive customers greater opportunities for lightweighting.Advances in lightweight steel technology:Ultra-high Aug 15, 2016 · As advancements in reducing weight through utilization of CFRP and aluminum continue, weight reduction technologies that use steel materials are also steadily progressing. Based on the content of displays and workshops at the JSAE Exposition 2016 Yokohama, this report will introduce the latest trends for steel material weight reduction technologies, including hot formed steel, ultra-high