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Apr 01, 2021 · Heat generation Q was obtained by the difference value (V O C V V T) and I. The core temperature T c and surface temperature T s were solved by the two-state thermal model according to Q and T f, While the core temperature T c was utilized to solve the temperature-related parameters for the electrical model. They verified the reliability of Casetext Casetext Legal Research PlatformA true legal replacement for Lexis and for only $65 per month. Casetext Research offers full coverage of all 50-state and federal cases, statutes, regulations, and rules. Also included is access to CARA A.I., the document analyzer tool that finds on-point cases based on your matter. Learn more >


If the latter is to be considered at all by the court, it should be done so only after study by a representative committee (like the study now being conducted in New Jersey, see State v Cook, 179 N.J. 533, 562 [2004]), where all interested parties can be heard and as many issues as Doe v. Maher, 515 A.2d 134, 40 Conn. Super. Ct. 394 Green v. State, 166 So. 2d 585, 587 (Fla. 1964); State v. Campbell, 75 N.M. 86, 92, 400 P.2d 956 (1965). So in Cyphers v. Allyn, 142 Conn. 699, 702, 118 A.2d 318 (1955), the Supreme Court entertained the constitutional argument because the case presented questions of "public interest" even though the plaintiff may have had no standing. SeeState v. Hall v. Florida ::572 U.S. 701 (2014) ::Justia US See, e.g., State v. Vela, 279 Neb. 94, 126, 137, 777 N. W. 2d 266, 292, 299 (2010) (Although Nebraskas statute specifies [a]n intelligence quotient of seventy or below on a reliably administered intelligence quotient test, [t]he district court found that [the defendants] score of

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Alaska v. Wright (April 26, 2021) A section 2254(a) habeas petitioner is not in custody pursuant to a state court judgment when he is charged, in federal court, with failure to register as a sex offender on the basis of a state court sexual abuse conviction, for which his sentence has expired. Carr v. Saul (April 22, 2021) Michael M. v. Superior Ct. ::450 U.S. 464 (1981 Opinions. Plurality. William Hubbs Rehnquist (Author) Warren Earl Burger ; Potter Stewart ; Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. The state has a significant interest in preventing teenage pregnancies, which are likely to result either in abortion or in children who become wards of the state. STATE v. WITT FindLawSep 24, 2015 · Stern, supra, 41 Rutgers L.J. at 671. In State v. Colvin, 123 N.J. 428, 429, 437 (1991), we upheld the warrantless search of a drug suspect's parked car primarily on the basis of a general exigent-circumstances analysis, even though we introduced the issue as one that concerns the scope of the automobile exception.

State v. Patino ::1980 ::Supreme Court of New Jersey

83 N.J. 1 (1980) 414 A.2d 1327. STATE OF NEW JERSEY, PLAINTIFF-APPELLANT, v. LUCIO W. PATINO AND GUILLERMO BARRIGA, DEFENDANTS-RESPONDENTS. The Supreme Court of New Jersey. Argued September 11, 1979. Decided May 19, 1980. U.S. Code:Title 18. CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE 1970Pub. L. 91452, title II, § 201(b), Oct. 15, 1970, 84 Stat. 928, added Part V. Table Showing Disposition of All Sections of Former Title 18 Title 18 Western & Southern Life Insurance Co. v. State Board of Clover Leaf Creamery Co., 449 U.S. 456, 101 S.Ct. 715, 66 L.Ed.2d 659 (1981); Philadelphia v. New Jersey, 437 U.S. 617, 98 S.Ct. 2531, 57 L.Ed.2d 475 (1978). Our decisions do not, however, limit the authority of Congress to regulate commerce among the several States as it sees fit. In the exercise of this plenary authority, Congress may "confe

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  • Recent DecisionsEgelhoff v. EgelhoffKennedy v. Dupont Savings and Investment PlanHillman v. MarettaPractical SuggestionsGlobal SolutionsEndnotesGeneral Statutes of Connecticut - TitlesTitle 17 Chapters 299 to 318c (Secs. 17-1 to 17-675):Public Assistance and Welfare Services (All sections transferred, repealed or obsolete):Title 17a Chapters 319 to 319k (Secs. 17a-1 to 17a-760):Social and Human Services and Resources:Title 17b Chapters 319o to 319yy (Secs. 17b-1 to 17b-895):Social Services:Title 18 Chapters 320 to 327 (Secs. 18-1 to 18-107) STATE v. MOORE FindLawAug 10, 2006 · State v. Harvey, 151 N.J. 117, 169-70, 699 A.2d 596 (1997); see also State v. Harvey, 121 N.J. 407, 428, 581 A.2d 483 (1990) (excluding expert testimony about bloody sneaker print because State did not provide evidence that anyone in the scientific community other than [the expert] himself vouch[ed] for his methods). VII.