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Gates AX32 Tri-Power Belt, AX Section, AX32 Size, 1/2" Width, 5/16" Height, 34" Outside Circumference 1 $17 17 ($1.72/Belts) A & 4L Replacement V-Belts,v-belt supplier,Low PriceA size v-belts Nominal Size = Inside lenth.? The Outside Circumference = Inside lenth + 2" High quality, low priced , thousands in stock with fast shipping . ATTENTION:? ?Click "SELECT SIZE" in box above for pricing and to add belts to cart A13*A14*A15*A16*A17*A18*A19*A20*A21*A22*A23*A24* A25*A26*A27*A28*A29*A30*A31*A32*A33*A34*35*A36*

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1/2 5/16 21/32 13/32 7/8 17/32 7/8 5/8 1 16mm 22mm 35/64 13mm 18mm. Super HC®V-Belts. Combine cross section designation with Outside Circumference (O.C.) to the nearest whole number, plus a zero to determine Belt Part Number. Example:5/8 top Belt Size Converter and Calculator (Convert belt size Measurement begins from the place where the buckle connects to the belt to the belt middle hole, You will get the correct belt size.Your belt size is usually 1 or 2 inches larger than you pant or waist size. because your belt goes around you and your pants, your tucked in shirt, and your underwear, Run a tape measure through your belt loops at Belt size conversion chart - sizes in / cm European, US Feb 01, 2019 · Keep in mind that belts made out of natural leather may stretch, so as a result they may differ in size in the range of ± 1 cm. The sizes of belts in Europe are range from 80 to 120 centimeters. Men usually use longer belts - from 90 to 120 and women prefer shorter ones -

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Next Size Longer:A32 (34 inch length) Next Size Narrower:6733 (Note:Belt will sit lower in the pulley, so a shorter belt might be needed) Next Size Wider:B31 (Note:Belt will sit higher in the pulley, so a longer belt might be needed) Same Size Different Product Line:Part Number Price Horsepower Rating (1) on a 4 Pulley Jason Industrial A32 4L340 V-Belt, A/4L Section, Natural A32 (4L340) Classic Wrapped V-Belt 1/2 x 34in Outside Circumference Continental ContiTech Fractional Horsepower V-Belt, 4L340, Cogged, 0.50" Width, 0.31" Height, 34" Nominal Outside Length Add to Cart Wacker Neuson :BELT-V A32 Part No. 0117023 HYDRO Part No. Description 0117023 BELT-V A32 Industrial Equipment & Parts 1-855-628-9245 Sign in or Create an Account Search

A32 V Belt - 1/2" Width X 34'' Length - 4L340

A32 V Belt - "A" Series Belt - 1/2'' X 34'' A32 v belts are a classic style suitable for higher speed FHP (Fractional Horsepower) drives on industrial and agricultural machinery. Designed for many HVAC applications. low vibration, less noise, more efficiency helps for longer motor and v belt life.