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I like this product so much that I am taking the trouble to write a review. At first, I thought it didn't work well, as I could not get a good impression, but a local crafting guru showed me the secret -- you need to apply pressure on all four corners simultaneously, then give the impression an an extra bit of pressure, and 9 tiimes out of 10, you get a perfect impression. Ask the Stamping Expert:How can I reduce blanking tonnage Jun 07, 2019 · Perimeter x Material thickness x Shear strength (in tons) = Required tonnage Since the eight punches have equal cutting surfaces, the tonnage per punch is 5.37. Most progressive dies have spring pads, lifters, or stripper springs that get compressed during the stamping process, so tooling tonnage requirements must be adjusted to include them.

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BTU/hr = Compressor Horsepower x 3,000. Download the free Formula Cards (at right) for more information. Advantage staffs a full complement of application specialists that can review your application and help you calculate your BTU requirement. Call us today at 317-887-0729 and ask Calculating Tonnage Of2018-7-15punching force calculation how to calculate punching force in tons punching force 25 x land distance x material thickness x material factor x shear factor note 1 ton 8 knkn 2 tons station size land distance the larger the perimeter of the cut hole, the larger How do you calculate length and weight of a sheet metal Calculate length and weight of a sheet metal coil . Whether its steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or zinc titanium, these are the three main questions an operator faces:how to calculate the length of a sheet metal coil knowing the measurements; how to calculate the weight of

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Dec 27, 2010 · now put the A X B X MULTIPLIER = TONNAGE. Example, 1 inch dia. 5mm thickness. Material is M.S. SO TONNAGE is :1 x 0.1968 x 80 = 15.75 Sample of Process FMEA for Progressive Metal Stamping Jul 17, 2020 · Anyone can help me with any sample of Process FMEA for Progressive Metal Stamping so that I can have an idea to generate this kind of FMEA for my company. Obviously I working with Japanese company which is major in Precision Metal Stamping for car stereo dan computer parts. Sheetmetal Design Interview Questions and Answers What is the application of a press tool in sheetmetal ? Press tools are used in hydraulic, pneumatic & mechanical presses to produce stamped sheet-metal parts. Press tools can be classified based on operation:blanking, piercing, bending and forming. Read this article to know about deep drawing operation in sheet metal.

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May 29, 2020 · Installation Do's and Don'ts. Stamping dos:Do make sure stamped concrete pavements are properly jointed to control cracking. To be effective, joints must be cut to a depth of at least one-quarter the slab thickness. (For more details, read Be Active in Deciding Where Control Joints Will Be Placed.) If you're worried that the joints will calculate force to crush aluminum can - toscanarelax.itAsk the Stamping Expert:How do I calculate press tonnage · Flattening force = Area x Compressive strength = 6.745 x 38,400 = 259,008 lbs. Flattening force in tons = 259,008/2,000 = 129.504 tons. Never use a press that is rated for the exact amount of required tonnage you have calculated. Always add a minimum of 20 percent for safety. calculating required tonnage - Mechanical engineering Feb 04, 2009 · The approach to the problem of distortion was similar to what we'd like to do with aluminum parts. The thing we didn't get into was how to figure tonnage for a cross-section. The cut-off for the SS parts was for a die built for someone else to run in their facility, so they were the ones doing the sizing of the die set and press tonnage.

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Mar 09, 2016 · A:You can search the Internet and find several ways to calculate shear pressure to determine the tonnage required for a particular stamping die using different compensation factors. Following is one technique for calculating the load for stamping any shape with a flat-faced punch and matching die insert:P = L x t x S. Where:P = Punch force in tons