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Niobium stabilized stainless steel wire prevents weld decay and offers excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for use on 18/8 type stainless steel and where the weld is subjected to temperatures above 400 ºC 347 'Stainless Steel' MIG Wire. Product Code:AIP131; P.O.A; 5.9 ER 347. EN ISO 14343 :19 9NbSi. BS 2901 347 S96. Mechanical Alloy ER 385 Stainless Steel ER385 - Aircraft MaterialsAlloy ER 385 (904L) is a Stainless Steel TIG, MIG and SUB-ARC wire used for welding. For all stock availability contact Sales. Specifications AWS 5.9 ASME SFA 5.9 AWS ER 385 UNS N08904. Return to Main Welding Page

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Lincoln Electric's Blue Max® stainless MIG wire is industry recognized for controlled ferrite levels, best-in-class arc performance and Q2 Lot® testing. With a wide range of stainless welding applications, Blue Max® MIG wire is the industry's choice for semi-automatic and automatic stainless welding. Welding Consumables Packaging. ER308L - Weld WireWeld WireER308L has the same analysis as type 308 except the carbon content has been held to a maximum of .03% to reduce the possibility of intergranular carbide precipitation. ER308L is ideal for welding Types 304L, 321, and 347 stainless steels. This is a suitable wire for applications at cryogenic temperatures. ER347 .030 MIG Stainless Steel 30 lb Welding Wire Spool ER347 is a stainless steel welding wire used in joining types 321 and 347 grades of stainless. The addition of columbium to this alloy reduces the possibility of chromium carbide precipitation and consequent intergranular corrosion. AWS Specification AWS A5.9/A5.9M:2006 AWS Classification ER347. Welding Current. DCEP. Typical Wire Chemistry C 0.08 Cr 19.0 - 21.5

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EWB ® ER 347Si MIG / TIG Welding Wires Classifications:EN ISO 14343-B:2007 :SS 347Si Material No. 1.4551 AWS A5.9:ER347Si Hobart H522506-R19 0.030-Inch 2-Pound ER308L Stainless These Hobart MIG Wire rolls have the smooth and clean surfaces required for efficient wire feed. This product is easy to use easy to install and highly durable. Item is manufactured in United States. An extra low carbon wire for the welding of type 304L, 321 and 347 stainless steels. MIG/MAG Welding Wire BOC GasBuy your MIG welding wire online from BOC today. A 15kg spool of 0.9mm Stainless steel MIG wire with high silicon levels From $518.03 roll. excl. GST. Available for Delivery or FREE Pick Up Quality copper coated MIG wire made from double deoxidised rod which conforms to AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6 specifications From $33.00 roll. excl. GST

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304 and Type 347 for Type 321. The others should be welded with matching filler. Type 347 can also be welded with Type 308H filler. These filler materials are available as coated electrodes, solid bare wire and cored wire. Type 321 is available on a limited basis as solid and cored wire. Two problems are associated with welds in the austenitic stainlessER347 - Weld WireWeld WireER347 is suitable for applications where welds are subjected to high temperatures (+ 750ºF). Deposited All Weld Metal Properties Data is typical for ER347 weld metal deposited by Mig using Argon + 2% oxygen as the shielding gas. Data on sub-arc is not presented, as