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Sep 18, 2020 · stirred pressurized stainless-steel vessel reactor (Autoclave Engineers, EZ100RXR) equipped with a PID controller . Following this, 50 mL of lignin suspension in 0.25 M NaOH aq. (1% w / Laboratory Stirred Reactors - Autoclave FittingsLaboratory Stirred Reactors. Parker Autoclave Engineers' line of stirred lab reactors is optimized for a host of chemical process control operations, manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel and imbued with an In-Line MagneDrive magnetically-coupled agitator and Dispersimax Impeller. Together, these components produce dependable, consistent chemical reactions for a host of applications, including monitoring, synthesis, research

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Parker Autoclave Engineers integrates custom, automatic controls with high temperature & high pressure, laboratory reactors into a pressure reactor system for chemical / petrochemical research. The customer specifies features desired. Parker Autoclave Engineers integrates computer, process controls / actuators, electronic process measurement instrumentation, with data acquisition hardware PAPER OPEN ACCESS Production of Poly(carbonate-co Polymerization took place in a 100 mL stainless steel reactor (Autoclave Engineers, Erie, PA USA) equipped with mechanical stirrer and an automatic temperature controller system. 0.2 g Co-Zn DMC was placed into the dried autoclave together with 10 mL of ELO and 10 mL of PO. The reactor was purged twice with CO 2 and then slowly pressurized to 5.0 MPa. Next, the temperature Parker Autoclave Engineers - Fluid Process ControlFluid Process Control also represents Parker Autoclave Engineers complete line of high pressure/high temperature stirred and non-stirred laboratory scale research reactors, MagneDrive® high speed magnetically coupled mixers, catalytic reactors and bench top laboratory reaction systems autoclaveengineers.

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Journal of Engineering and Technology Research Full Length Research Paper Performance of activated carbons in the catalytic wet peroxide oxidation (CWPO) of maleic acid was a 500 ml volume autoclave (Autoclave Engineers, Zipperclave Hastelloy) with two internal baffles, thermowell, cooling showed poor performance in CWPO of maleic acid coil Production of Sorbitol via Catalytic Transfer Catalytic Tests The CTH catalytic tests were performed in a 100-mL stainless-steel batch reactor (Autoclave Engineers) tted with a temperature controller, a mechanical stirrer, and a pressure Robinson-Mahoney Stationary Catalyst - Autoclave Popular reactor design circulates liquid reactants past a stationary catalyst bed. Impellers (1,000 rpm) draw fluid into the center of an annular catalyst basket. The multiphase reactor design is used for time based, laboratory, high temperature & high pressure heterogeneous catalysis experiments with gas /liquid / solid phase reactants Use internal recycle reactors & vary reaction time for

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Parker Autoclave Engineers 8325 Hessinger Drive Erie, PA 16509-4679 Tel:814 860 5700 Fax:814 860 5811 website:AutoclaveEngineers :About Us:The Instrumentation Products Division along with Autoclave Engineers provide highly engineered flow control components and systems.Stirred Reactors:Parker Autoclave Engineers Research The High Pressure, Bolted Closure reactors permit research to be conducted at extremely high temperatures and pressures Parker Autoclave Engineers has designed this line of reactors and specified the valves, fittings and tubing to be capable of 5,000 psi at up to 950°F (345bar @ 510°C) Read more Product Information |