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13 hours ago · Colonial Pipeline is the biggest gasoline pipeline in the U.S., and the disruption could affect gasoline and diesel fuel supplies. The company's pipeline transports 2.5 million barrels each day, taking refined gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel from the Gulf Coast up to New York Harbor through 5,500 miles of pipelines. Examining the pipeline problem TechCrunchFeb 14, 2021 · Courri Brady, director at diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm Paradigm, recognizes there are still some folks who have yet to rid themselves of the myth of the pipeline problem.

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1 day ago · A cyberattack has forced Colonial Pipeline to halt operations of its 5,500 miles of pipeline, which transports approximately 45% of all fuel consumed on the East Coast. What Happened:Colonial Pipeline Definition - InvestopediaJan 24, 2020 · In finance, the term pipeline is used to describe progress toward a long-term goal that involves a series of discrete stages. For example, private equity Pipeline Equity - Crunchbase Company Profile & FundingJan 02, 2020 · Pipeline is a software company that increases the financial performance of companies by closing the gender equity gap. Pipelines proprietary SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence to assess, address, and action against the gender biases costing the U.S. alone $2 trillion. The company's platform utilizes artificial intelligence to assess,

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The Pipeline Platform exists to help companies achieve intersectional gender equity by not only analyzing pay data, but also performance, potential, hiring, and promotion data. This way, companies check every box to close their gender equity gaps for good. Learn more about Pipeline here:https://zcu.io/wHGD Pipeline Private Equity CommunityPipeline Private Equity Community The world of private equity welcomes you. Private equity needs more diverse investment teams, and Pipeline is here to help you master the skills required to break into the industry. Free PE resources, case studies, and video interviews with professionals in the field PipelinePairing gender equity and company economics, in one solution. Ginger Rogers danced the same steps as Fred Astaire. Only she did it backwards. And in high heels. Thank you, Bob Thaves and Governor Ann Richards. Unconscious bias in the workplace limits opportunity for both employees and for the business.

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The founder of Pipeline Equity argues that when companies dont provide their employees with equitable pay, your tax dollars bridge the gapeven if youre a man.Services - Pipeline EquityDedicated support to drive equity within your organization From implementation to support, the Pipeline customer experience team is here to assist you in your journey towards improving financial performance through equity in your workplace.