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MetalDeck specializes in corrugated metal roof deck, metal floor deck, metal roofing and siding panels, metal purlins, rustic metal panels, standing seam, and custom trim & flashing up to 21.In addition, we can provide shop drawings and accessories for all metal panels including screws, fiberglass panels, and foam closures for metal roofing and siding panels. Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking:Best Composite slabs consist of profiled steel decking with an in-situ reinforced concrete topping. The decking not only acts as permanent formwork to the concrete, but also provides sufficient shear bond with the concrete so that, when the concrete has gained strength, the

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1.5 Steel Deck Section Properties .. 22-23 1.6 Web building owners, and all members of the building design Least steel weight per square foot floor deck Meets SDI 2x12 inch standard profile requirements Reduced composite slab depth compared to Galvanized Steel Composite Metal Decking Formwork For Our steel deck has very effective cross stiffener technology and the deep profile shape provides a very efficient metal deck and composite slab, with a low usage of concrete. It has following features:Efficient - low use of steel and concrete. Versatile top or bottom flange application. Nestable profile gives low transport and handling costs. Hambro Composite Floor System - Hambro by CanamCanam Buildings offers owners, real estate developers and general contractors an array of structural components, including the Hambro D500 and MD2000 composite floor systems and a transfer slab system, which can be combined in order to design better adapted and more functional buildings.

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As the concrete slab cures, the metal deck and the concrete bond together to create a composite metal floor deck. This is the most common type of metal floor decking. The main advantage of a composite metal floor deck is that it will increase the strength of the floor without adding extra weight. New Millennium Building Systems steel joist and deckWe have the expertise to help you determine the optimal structural steel building system for your application. From steel joists and deck to long-span composite floor systems, we engineer and manufacture solutions that control costs, enhance performance and ensure project success. Together, lets build it better. Steel Deck - Vulcraft DeckThese deck help to produce an efficient and economical structural floor solution for elevated floor systems. These decks come in a variety of finish options. Vulcraft Non-Composite Floor Decks are IAPMO (IAPMO UES ER-652) and UL Listed. These decks are designed in accordance with the ANSI/Steel Deck Institute NC-2017 and RD-2017.

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Steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel joists or beams. It is used to support concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. It was developed to provide a structurally efficient product for use in roof and floor systems. Structural Steel Floor Decking - InfraBuild - Formerly Structural Steel for Deck Flooring. InfraBuild Steel Centre sources a variety of structural steel decking products, manufactured in Australia and available in a range of base metals and widths of coverage. Typical Uses. Residential construction; Features. Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength; Saves on concrete and reinforcing costs Structural Steel Roof and Floor DeckASC Steel Deck Leading the Way for Over 50 Years ASC Steel Deck is a leading structural steel roof and floor deck manufacturer that prides itself in delivering technical expertise and exceptional service that assures success in every project.

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Galvanize Composite Floor Deck Steel Decking Slab Comflor 60 Profile Equivalent ComFlor 60 composite floor profile offers the ultimate in lightweight steel decking for all multi-rise buildings.