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The mean temperature recorded in the chamber is 100.35 ± 0.78 °C. This shows that the chamber could perform optimally as a temperature-controlled chamber. Furthermore, the Standard thermometer by Fluke deployed in chamber calibrated it at three different temperatures of 30 °C, 55 °C and 85 °C. Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber ThermotronIdeal for testing smaller products such as computer components, automobile sensors, or cell phones, a Thermotron Benchtop Environmental Chamber combines superior performance in a small, compact design well suited for research and development or personal point-of-use testing.

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Good quality temperature controlled chamber from temperature controlled chamber manufacturer, Buy temperature controlled chamber online from China. Dongguan Xin Bao Instrument Co., Ltd. Your Leader in Reliability Test Equipment - Since 1978. Sales & Support Request A Quote Environmental Chambers Thermo Fisher Scientific - USReach-in Chambers provide a controlled temperature environment. Choose from heat-only, for temperatures above ambient, or refrigerated for temperatures above and below ambient. Typical applications are microbiological incubation, or controlled storage. High volumes of samples can be incubated, tested or stored. Humidity and Temperature Controlled Chambers - SimultechSpecimen protection with independently adjustable temperature limiter. All test chambers are fitted with a secondary temperature limiter that operates independently of the chambers two main temperature sensors, shutting the chamber down in case the upper/lower temperature limit is exceeded. Heating and cooling ramp rates

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ISPE Good Practice Guide:Controlled Temperature Chambers Draft 1 Provides guidance on good practices for the mapping of controlled temperature chambers, warehouses, and refrigerated storage areas used to store raw material, work in progress, or finished product and Small Environmental Test Chamber Mini Test Chambers ThermalAir Small Environmental Test Chamber is for Temperature Testing all types of components such as Automotive Sensors, Fiber Optic Components, Microwave Hybrids, MCM, PCB, or type Electronic Components / Non-Electronic parts. The ThermalAir TA-5000B brings precise thermo test capabilities directly to your test application, exactly localizing to where temperature testing is required. Temperature & Humidity Controlled Cabinets - 4D We are the sellers of temperature controlled cabinets that meet the quality standards. Chamber furnaces that we sell serve the purpose of ashing, heating & oxidizing. We deal in biological safety cabinets & chemical hoods. 4D Technologies is the distributor of CO2 incubators and deep freezers that serve the purpose at their best.

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Temperature and humidity test chambers (also called climatic test chambers or humidity and temperature controlled test chamber) simulate and provide different natural environments like high temperature, low temperature, moisture, cold, hot for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing on product. Temperature And Humidity Chamber at Thomas ScientificThe microprocessor-controlled operating system allows for adjustment of chamber humidity to 80% +/- 5% relative humidity, pre-fuming humidity incubation, fuming temperature up to 424° F within +/- 1%, and fuming and exhaust times. System stores 20 programs, has 3 Temperature Controlled Chambers Thermo Fisher Scientific Reach-In Incubator Chamber :Size:29 cu. ft. Physical properties:821L Reach-In Incubated Chamber with heating only:Exterior (W x H x D) 965 x 2032 x 833mm 38.00 x 80.00 x 33.00 in. Interior (W x H x D) 787 x 1524 x 686mm 31.00 x 60.00 x 27.00 in. Net weight:227kg / 500 lbs:Shipping weight:300kg / 660 lbs:Temperature:Temperature range:5°C above ambient to 60°C

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SCS temperature chambers and thermal shock testing chambers are used for testing and controlled storage for many industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and many more.