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Insert the seatpost into the seat tube while pulling the cable from the internal routing port of the frame (use friction paste for carbon frames if needed). Set the seatpost at the desired height. Tighten the seat tube collar binder bolt to the torque range engraved on the lower post. NOTE:Excessive bolt tightness can adversely affect the action of the seatpost. Install the cable into the barrel adjuster of the lever Best bike seatposts:what to consider when upgrading Sep 01, 2020 · Your seatpost slips into the seat tube and attaches your Pay attention to the quoted torque at which you should The Vision TriMax carbon seat


2. Apply carbon paste to the frame and seatpost to be inserted into the frame. 3. Insert the seatpost and the Seatpost Clamp (SPC-287A) into the frame 4. Adjust height and torque the Seatpost Clamp to 8Nm maximum. 5. Slide down the Seat Clamp Cover to fit over the Seatpost Clamp. Hold the frame using a secured seatpost only. Clamping the top tube can damage the frame and void your warranty. Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 1 Lefty review - BikeRadarJan 11, 2021 · The Eco setting provides the lowest assistance level (40Nm of torque, 60 per cent support level) and, as youd expect, the highest potential range (around 141km). Tour mode offers 50Nm/140 per cent Carbon Dynamo Seatpost - AERAA thin layer of carbon fibre paste is recommended when installing this seatpost. Achieve the perfect saddle position and angle thanks to two finely adjustable bolts. Once the perfect position has been achieved simply tighten the rear bolt and follow the bicycle and seat clamp manufacturers recommendations for clamping the seatpost into the frame.


2. Coat seatpost with carbon paste. 3. Insert the seatpost into the frame and lightly tighten the seatpost clamp to hold the post in place while installing the saddle. 4. Once the desired height is achieved, tighten seatpost clamp bolt on the frame or the seatpost clamp. This torque value should be the lowest specified torque value for your frame, seat clamp or seatpost. Torque should not exceed 9 Nm. Metal seat post with carbon fiber frame? - Bicycles Stack The issue with a seatpost rack on the carbon seatpost is concern for accidentally crushing or dimpling the tube with the (typically overbuilt, clumsy) clamps. A saddle-mounted bag neatly avoids these issues. lantius Jun 28 '11 at 2:34 SEAT POST seat post - Deda ElementiA) Visually check the seat post tube and the clamp bolts. B) Please ensure that the seat rests firmly on the seat post. If anomalous movements are noted, in order to verify the integrity of all components, disassemble and inspect the saddle and seat post before tightening the bolts further.

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Jul 08, 2020 · A seatpost with a bit of flex to it can make a huge difference, especially if the frame design has a sloping top tube that allows for more exposed post and thus more movement.Max torque for carbon seatpost in a carbon frame Feb 26, 2014 · I have a carbon frame (Ibis Ripley) and carbon post (EC90 with RAD). I think the seatpost clamp spec calls for 5 or 6nm; however that seems barely tight enough and results in my post slipping down into the frame on harder hits, and I'm only 160lbs! Can I torque the post to 7