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Jul 13, 2011 · Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) HWDP is an intermediate-weight drill string member with drill pipe dimensions for easier handling. Its heavy wall tube is attached to special extra-length tool joints. These provide ample space for recutting the connections and reduce the rate of wear on the OD. China API 7-1/API 5dp 5 Inch Heavy Weight Drill Pipes Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) was developed to provide a gradual transition from the drill collars to the drill pipe. This HWDP helps to prevent stress concentration at the top of the drill collar.It also allow drilling at higher rpms, reducing torque and differential pressure sticking. The HWDP is intended primarily for directional drilling.

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DP-Master manufactures standard or spiralled heavy weight drill pipe from 3-1/2 OD up to 6-5/8 OD in accordance with API, NS-1 or DS-1 specifications. READ MORE. DRILL PIPE. DP-Master manufactures the complete range of Drill Pipes from 2 3/8 OD to 6 5/8 OD in Range 2 and Range 3 sizes up to 46 feet in length. DRILL PIPE DP-Master Drill Pipe ManufacturerFEATURES AND OPTION. DESIGN. DP-Master incorporates generous internal upset length (miu) and radii to achieve a longer and smoother transition back onto the pipe body ID. This lowers the stress in this very critical section of drill pipe and ensures maximum improvement to the fatigue life of the drill pipe. GRADES DP-Master Drill Pipe ManufacturerDP-Master proprietary sour service grades for heavy weight drill pipe offers improved resistance to sulfide stress cracking. The material has controlled yield and restricted hardness. DPM-HW65MS is suitable for use in mild H2S environment with 65,000 PSI SMYS tube and industry-accepted API tool joint with specified minimum yield strength 100 KSI. DPM-HW90SS has a controlled yield strength tube (90 to


COMMAND-SMFI's Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) features a tool joint pin and box and a thick-walled tube with a raised central section for wellbore protection of the tube. The central section comes in various designs; slick, spiral, full spiral, or tri-spiral. HWDP can be manufactured as a welded assembly or machined integral from bars. OCTG - Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) Mid-ContinentConventional Heavy Weight Drill Pipes come in two configurations, Welded and Integral. The welded configuration is manufactured by friction welding of extra long tool joints to a thick well tube while the integral configuration is machined from a solid bar of AISI4145H alloy steel. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 5 OD Drill Pipe, G-105, NC Tensile yield pipe Torsional yield pipe Connection type NC-50 Standard G-105 TK-34P 78,1 13 300 Burst pressure Drift diameter 92 8 800 61 18° 84 Ref. Enclosed page TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 80% Remaining Body Wall DESCRIPTION Spec. No.:DP-5-08 OPERATIONAL DATA 12 200 28 000 Premium CONNECTIONS DATA B.S.R. 2,80/2,43 2,28/1,97


5-7/8" OD Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe, XT-57 Conn's. 2 TCS ium Type Range Convensional HW-105, 49.17# Cross Sectional Area New Convensional=welded T-J. / Integral=Monoblock TUBE DATA 31,260 4130M7 (105 ksi) TK-34P 213,9 Tensile yield pipe Ref. Enclosed page TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 80% Remaining Body Wall DESCRIPTION TUBING, CASING, DRILL PIPE & ROD SPECIFICATIONSForm No. CC-3 DP Colour Chart Rev. Date:October 2017 Rev. 001. Page 4 DRILL PIPE & TOOL JOINT IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION STANDARD DRILL PIPE, DRILL COLLAR, HEAVY WEIGHT & SUBS COLOR CODES strength heavy-weight drill pipe KEY 1. Mill slot location for pipe grade code 2. Mill slot location for pipe weight code 3. Mill slot location for Well Construction C&M3 Servicesdrill pipe - heavy weight dp - drill collars - accessories. We sell new and premium API drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars and drill string accessories (subs, stabilizers, etc.). wellhead systems.

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Heavy weight drill pipe is a medium-weight drilling pipe, (referred standards in API SPEC 7-1). It has bigger wall thickness than common drilling pipe and smaller than drill collar. The tube is connected with special length-added drill pipe joint (integral heavy weight drill pipe is made up of tube and tool joint).