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Services (APHIS), Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ)is responsible for (1) detecting and preventing pests and diseases harmful to agricultural products from entering the United States and (2) controlling pests and diseases found in this country that might pose a threat to Americas ability to export safe agricultural products. We APHIS Stakeholders AnnouncementPlant Health Director(SPHD) . In cooperation with the importer of the affected plants, APHIS is actively tracing the whereabouts of the suspect material. APHIS priority is to locate, evaluate, and destroy, if necessary, infected plant material. Ralstonia solanacearumrace 3 biovar 2, a bacterial pathogen, poses a significant threat to the

CLB Biological Control Project Participants Updated 2004

CLB Biological Control Project Participants . Updated 2004 . A. PPQ WESTERN REGION STATES . 1. ARIZONA . Pest Exclusion Specialist . Jerry Levitt, SPHD Chilli Thrips Conference Call #5 May 16, 2008May 16, 2008 · Eduardo Varona (Chair, I-AWG, FL, APHIS - PPQ) Tad Hardy (LA-SPRO) Shashank Nilakhe (TX-SPRO) Stuart Kuehn (TX- SPHD) Jerry Levitt (AZ-SPHD) Kevin Hoffman (CA-SPRO) Barb Maehler (CA-SPHD) Gray Haun (TN-SPRO) Don Givens (APHIS- PPQ-WRO) Richard Conant (APHIS-PPQ- ER) Lin Schmale (Chair, IWG) Lance Osborne (Tri-Chair, TWG) Alan Dowdy (APHIS-PPQ-EDP) Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPSThese surveillance efforts are funded through the USDA and directly support Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) safeguarding efforts to protect U.S. agricultural and environmental resources both locally and nationally.

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Mar 25, 2020 · data also may be entered into NAPIS if the SPRO, SPHD, PSS, and SSC determine that this is appropriate. If the state CAPS committee or a PPQ agreement determines that the SSC will need to enter data into IPHIS, IPHIS training may be needed. The SSC should first approach their PSS or SPHD for Bowers, John H - APHIS Gary Adams - State Plant Health Director - USDA-APHIS SPHD at USDA-APHIS Linden, NJ. Richard Miranda. Richard Miranda State Plant Health Director for Florida Gainesville, FL. Karen Williams. Karen Williams Regulatory Policy Specialist - Lacey Act National Plant Board APHIS ActionsMar 17, 2009 · Pending deletion upon BOD approval:July 25, 2011, New PPQ State Structure Within the States of AL/MS and TN/KY; June 17, 2011, PPQ Postentry Quarantine (PEQ) Release Policy; May 26, 2009, Selection of Directors for Fruit Fly and Forest Pest Programs; March 17, 2009, APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Makes Organizational Changes within Its Plant Health Programs Unit

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Go to aphis.usda.gov/planthealth/ sphdfor a list of offices and contact information. If you have questions about importing agricultural products or obtaining a permit, you may also contact the national offices below. Plants and Plant Products Tortrix viridana - UF Entomology & Nematology Health Director (SPHD) and your State Plant Regulatory Official (SPRO). The SPRO is a State Department of Agriculture Employee and the SPHD is a USDA-APHIS-PPQ employee. The link to your SPRO is on the National Plant Board (NPB) website. It has an interactive map and when you click on your state it will take you to another page with USDA APHIS PPQ SPHD - FEDERAL WAY, WA - Business PageUsda Aphis Ppq Sphd is located at 33400 9th Ave S Ste 200 in Federal Way and has been in the business of Nonclassifiable Establishments since 2010.


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